Tell your story

Breast cancer touches each of us differently. A few friends have shared their personal journey and how BRAvo! is making a difference for them. Please feel free to share these with your Facebook Friends or others.

Sharrie Harlin

My mother had a rule that every December during the week before Christmas she had a mammogram – she did this for over 30 years. In December 2000 something was wrong with her mammogram and found she had stage three Breast Cancer. She went through chemo followed by radiation but with one constant; caring for… Read More

Jo Bivens

As a breast cancer survivor I am always promoting early detection. I lost a colleague to breast cancer, and at age 63 my oldest sister was diagnosed with breast cancer. She underwent a lumpectomy and chemo, and radiation. Six months later she had it again, in the other breast and a different type. This time… Read More

Jeff Glenn

My bra is called “Breastcue Me.” It is my way of bringing my life as a fire fighter together with a serious cause. My mother had breast cancer three times and she finally succumbed to it in 2003. Her younger sister battled it for 20 years, and she finally passed away with it. My brother’s… Read More

Ellen Crammer

I guess you could say I was a typical “soccer mom”- always on the go with family’s activities, and trying to keep up with my two young sons, Nathan and Tyler. More than 20 years ago, my mother was diagnosed with breast cancer and given only a short time to live. Fortunately for me, she… Read More

Susan Hoffer

My personal journey with breast cancer started in November of 2007. At my annual appointment, my doctor noticed I neglected to have my 2006 mammogram. The truth was…I hadn’t scheduled a mammogram for six years! Life was busy, I was young, having babies, nursing babies and taking care of the family! The yearly mammogram seemed… Read More