Jeff Glenn

My bra is called “Breastcue Me.” It is my way of bringing my life as a fire fighter together with a serious cause.

My mother had breast cancer three times and she finally succumbed to it in 2003. Her younger sister battled it for 20 years, and she finally passed away with it. My brother’s wife, my sister-in-law, has had breast cancer. Thankfully, she has been cancer-free now for six years.

Breast cancer doesn’t just touch one person. It touches their family and friends too.

The guys at the fire house are real supportive when I have a personal journey to go through. They are there to listen and interject what they can, but they don’t get too intrusive either.

At the firehouse, we have a campaign in October, and we all wear pink shirts for a week in support of breast cancer awareness. It gets a lot of attention when we’re out doing inspections, going to the store or just out in public. It really raises a bunch of on-the-spot interviews about why we’re wearing pink shirts and what is it about. It is good because it’s getting the word out there.

Bravo is a fun way to bring a serious manner to light. It’s fun because usually bras and stuff are kind of taboo to talk about, but when I was getting the material together to make the bra and putting it together, it sparked a lot of conversations.

Bravo is encouragement that there is something out there for people – they are not by themselves in this.