Ellen Crammer

I guess you could say I was a typical “soccer mom”- always on the go with family’s activities, and trying to keep up with my two young sons, Nathan and Tyler. More than 20 years ago, my mother was diagnosed with breast cancer and given only a short time to live. Fortunately for me, she is still living and was there to be a support as I faced a long road to recovery.

My journey started in July of 2009, and I was diagnosed August 1st with stage 1 breast cancer. I had a mastectomy the first week of September, started chemo the last week of September, and finished it December 23rd of 2010.

When my mother was diagnosed with inflammatory breast cancer, they gave her four months to live. When the diagnosis came, she was not concerned a bit. She just knew what we had to do to get through it and come out where we wanted to at the end. That is when she taught me to be a fighter.

My mother handled it amazingly. I never saw her down. I never saw her quit her activities or stop coming to mine. So when I was diagnosed, I knew I had to keep going the same way.

I did decorate a bra. Mine is “Can’t slow me down,” and I just put all the activities that got me through the chemo – my children’s soccer games, baseball games, going to the Cincinnati reds, going to the Y, all of the activities that kept me busy.

My husband helped me a lot. Tim’s bra is very glamorous. It’s called “My boys are my life.” He glued all their silly bandz on it; it had butterfly stickers, because butterflies are one of my favorite things, and glitter everywhere. His was very bright!

You can’t slow down. You can’t quit.

Life is going on and I’m not going to miss a beat of it!